Cool Cooking

School Catering That Offers Variety

Cool Cooking is a catering concept developed for schools. It offers more than good food; the modular structure can be adapted to the individual requirements of each school. It enables students to select what they eat themselves and provides guidance on healthy eating.

We support school events and provide practical information for lessons. We are happy to cooperate with teachers and parents in nutritional education.

Of course, the food has to be good too. Cool Cooking serves the things that students like to eat and we place emphasis on careful preparation and first class ingredients. We use mostly seasonal products which we purchase from local suppliers. A selection of dishes oriented on the target group, creatively served is popular with young diners.

We want to know if students are happy with Cool Cooking and ask them to give us their feedback in a postbox in the canteen. We carry out regular diners surveys and integrate a competition with prizes.

For more information on catering for schools, please call us or send us an email.

SIA "P.Dussmann"
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Sustainable Catering

Regional and Seasonal

On request, you can make your catering operations even more sustainable. For example installing energy-efficient kitchen equipment and converting food waste to energy. Ask us.

HACCP Concept

Food Hygiene

The HACCP concept is an efficient control system that guarantees strict food hygiene and safety in production processes. Reliability is ensured by consistent documentation and regular HACCP audits are carried out by an external hygiene institute.